Going On Pink And The Aesthetic-Gaming-Device Craze

Guy wearing pink sweater tossing blue Playstation 3 controller in the air
Photo by Florian Gagnepain on Unsplash

Everyone has played video games at some point these days, and video games are fun.


The Quartz Pink Edition Razor gaming devices directly calls to my girly side. As a girl gamer, I’ve always wanted aesthetic gaming devices. The black and red or black and green gamer colour scheme isn’t my colour.

Even though this iteration of Razor gaming devices isn’t new, the rise of aesthetic gaming devices is.

Remember, when being called a gamer meant instant social Siberia? Today, being called a gamer is a badge of honour. The types of games people play say something about themselves. Your video game sub-genre preferences say something about the kind of person you are. If you play predominantly single-player games, then you must be an introvert. If you play League of Legends, you must be an extrovert (and somewhat of a spaz).

Similarly, your gaming device brand preference shows if you’re a serious gamer or not. Highly-stylized devices with bright neon colours not only grab our attention but casual gamers’ attention. More and more people buy gaming devices for the look, not necessarily to utilize its capabilities.

Do you buy gaming devices according to brand, or do you pay more attention to the look?

Share your opinion below!

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