About Me

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Hey! My name is Alyssa.

In my spare time, I play video games – mostly single-player RPG games. On this blog, I write about about how video games affect societal norms and vice versa.

I am a total nerd – if you haven’t noticed. Aside from playing video games, I’ve always wondered how gaming sewed itself into the fabric of our society. There is no division between casual and hardcore gamers anymore. A casual mobile gamer is just as “cool” as a hardcore PC gamer. As someone whose been gaming for over 20 years, I started to wonder, how did we level up so fast? In a weird way, that question is what I’m trying to answer with this blog.

Afterthought Gaming is not my first video game blog. In 2016, I wrote about my experiences playing The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Game of the Year Edition. The now defunct blog also had a YouTube channel and Twitter account under the name Sakapooska, one of my many gamer tags.

About Afterthought Gaming

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Afterthought Gaming is a social commentary blog about video games and the gaming industry. The blog features weekly opinion pieces, video game reviews and occasionally – rants.

The video gaming industry has changed a lot. Graphics have a reached a point where we can barely tell the difference between what is real and pre-rendered. Our devices, for gaming and otherwise, are no longer accessories but part of our lives. In my blog, I rip into the whys of the gaming world and share my thoughts here for the internet to see.

I do not claim to be an authority in any of the matters I write.